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Resource Platform for Care Home and Domiciliary Staff

Improvement Cymru launch a new Resource Platform for Care Home and Domiciliary Staff to ensure quick and easy access to vital information.


Improvement Cymru recognised that crucial time savings could be made by care home and domiciliary staff if they could access the online information they need on a daily basis, in one place, either on a mobile phone or computer.


The Care Home Cymru team at Improvement Cymru worked in partnership with Public Health Wales and Welsh Government, to identify the information that staff need to access, and then provided the links on a one-stop Resource Platform. 


It is available on both an app (English only) and a website (bilingual) to make it easy to access and view, via phone or desktop, in various locations where staff might be during their shift.  Links include information on infection control, recognition of deterioration, mental health and wellbeing, COVID-19, training, guidance and useful contacts.


Rosalyn Davies, Programme Lead at Improvement Cymru, said: “We are delighted to provide support for care home and domiciliary staff with this digital platform.  It enables busy staff to access key links and resources to stay up-to-date during this difficult time.  We would like to thank Public Health Wales, Welsh Government and partners from health and social care for their contributions and support.”


The Resource Platform can be accessed by: