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'Sip Til Send' - New Fasting Guidance allowing Patients to Sip Water before Surgery or Procedure Launched

Monday 29th January 2024

Patients are often fasted for excessive periods prior to surgery, and this results in them feeling uncomfortable, anxious and having worse outcomes. Evidence shows that small volumes of water are beneficial and rapidly emptied from the stomach.

Drinking water before theatre means less headaches and less chance of nausea post operatively. Drinking water will make you feel better before AND after surgery.

Patients are up and about more quickly with Sip Til Send, leading to faster recovery and earlier discharge. Sip Til Send removes the uncertainty about when to stop drinking, making it easier for patients and staff.

Sip Til Send is particularly important for patient waiting for emergency or trauma surgery. All patients having surgery (surgical procedures in theatre). This includes adults and children, for planned or emergency procedures. (Does not apply to endoscopy).

By encouraging patients to drink before theatre we ensure they stay hydrated, reducing headaches, nausea and anxiety. Patients have a better experience and often feel better after surgery too, which helps speed up recovery.