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Specialised Services Strategy Development and Engagement




Tuesday 27th September

Welsh Health Specialised Services (WHSSC) is writing a new 10 year strategy for specialised services for the residents of Wales and its responsible population.

To support the development of the strategy, we are engaging with key interest stakeholder groups to gather their views on the future of specialised services, in addition to the further value that WHSSC can add as one of the main NHS commissioning bodies for specialised services in Wales.

Welsh Health Specialised Services Committee (WHSSC) is a Joint Committee of the seven Local Health Boards (LHBs) in Wales. The seven LHBs are responsible for meeting the health needs of their resident population, and have delegated the responsibility for commissioning a range of specialised services to WHSSC. It is recognised that not all specialised services, as defined in the NHS England Prescribed Services Manual, have been delegated, and a small portfolio remains the commissioning responsibility of health boards.

The aim of developing a specialised services strategy is to ensure that residents in Wales can now, and in the future, receive equitable access to high quality specialised services, which are clinically effective, offer the best experience and clinical outcomes for patients and the population, and increase the value that is derived from the resources available.

Development of a specialised services strategy post COVID-19 now provides the opportunity to shape the direction to focus on recovery, value, and to exploit new technologies and innovative ways of working.

Because of the pace of change in specialised services the strategy will require a review in 5 years to consider whether it remains fit for purpose for the following 5 year period.

Our engagement process will commence on 27 September and run until 22 December 2022. The strategy will be developed as a product of the engagement process in readiness for May 2023 to inform the WHSSC Integrated Commissioning Plan and Health Board’s Integrated Medium Term Plans (IMTPs) for 2024 and beyond.

WHSSC is looking for your support in writing the plan by asking a number of questions that they would like your views on.

10 year Specialised Service Strategy - Welsh Health Specialised Services Committee (