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The Fifth-Generation Brothers Continuing the Legacy of 150-Year-Old Local Pharmacy

One of the oldest businesses in Abergavenny, Shackleton’s Pharmacies, celebrates an impressive 150 years in business this year – and brothers, Ian and Geoff, are the fifth generation of Shackleton Pharmacists in their family.

Originally founded by George William Shackleton in Spring 1873, Shackleton’s Pharmacy began as a small, family-run business in the town of Abergavenny. 150 years later, this Pharmacy has adapted to meet the needs of its growing local population by expanding into several well-known and well-loved premises; boasting multiple consultation rooms, an electronic dispensing system and a comprehensive list of services.

Pharmacist, Ian, said:

“We’ve been serving the local community for many generations now and we pride ourselves on trying to go above and beyond what we need to provide the best service we possibly can. 150 years is a long time and the NHS has been around for 75 so we’ve seen a lot of changes throughout that period.

“We’ve embraced that by developing our branches so that role can be provided in the best possible environment for both patients and our staff alike.”

Over the years, the Shackleton Pharmacies have expanded the number of local NHS services and treatments they offer, and are always seeking new ways to better-meet their local residents’ needs and to make their services fit for the future.

Pharmacist, Geoff said:

“There’s the Common Ailments Scheme, which is a fantastic, no-appointment service for members of the public to come in for minor ailments and see a pharmacist straight away. We offer Smoking cessation, emergency contraception.

“We’re also looking at expanding anything that the public need in the local community and linking them with the GP to try and relieve some of the pressures they’re under as well.”

Following in their family’s footsteps, Geoff’s son and daughter are both studying Pharmacy at University and are set to be the sixth generation of Pharmacists in the Shackleton family.

Geoff said:

“There’s the opportunity for them to join the business going forward to further carry on the service that we’re doing for local people in Abergavenny.”

Here’s to the next 150 years of Shackleton’s Pharmacies!