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Support Young / Young Adult Carers

Carers Trust have undertaken one of the largest surveys of Young Carers in Wales which provides a powerful first insight into how the Covid–19 pandemic has added to the pressures young carers were already facing. An amazing 366 young people with caring responsibilities took part.


The survey results show significant increases in the time spent on caring and paints a picture of young and young adult carers who are feeling increasingly stressed, isolated and overwhelmed by the pressures they are facing. Most notably, it is clear that many want and need better support to manage their worsening mental health and to have a break from their caring responsibilities.


Carers Trust are asking as many people and organisations as possible to show their solidarity with and support for young and young adult carers by sharing the image below on social media using the hashtag #SupportNotSympathy



More information about carers can be found on the Health Board's Carers homepage:  -