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Pre-Operative Assessment Clinic (PAC)

The pre-operative assessment clinic is a nurse-led clinic where we determine if you are physically fit enough to have surgery and an anaesthetic.

All of the nurses you will see at the clinic are experienced qualified nurse practitioners.  However, if you have more complex medical issues you may be seen in an anaesthetic consultant led clinic.

You will be asked questions about your health, medical history, and home circumstances.

You will be given clear information on:

  • When to stop eating and drinking in the hours before your operation
  • what medication to stop medications before going into hospital
  • what to bring with you into hospital
  • whether you will need to stay in hospital overnight and, if so, for how long


Preparing for your Surgery

By preparing for surgery, with support from your healthcare team, you can reduce risk of complications.

Fitter patients, who are able to improve their health and activity levels, recover from surgery more quickly. 

There are a number of changes you can make yourself now which can improve your health ahead of your surgery and beyond.

Consider how much you smoke, how much you drink, your diet, your weight and the amount you exercise. Lifestyle changes can make a big difference to your recovery and your future health.


Further Information for Patients

The following range of websites and leaflets will provide you with further information about some pre-operative procedures, and advice about increasing your physical activity and giving up smoking.


Frequently Asked Questions