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Mental Health and Well-being Resources

The information below provides links to useful resources which will help you support your mental health and well-being, and the mental health and well-being of the people you work with and/or support.  These resources have been identified by the Community Wellbeing Information Group (CWIG). CWIG was convened by the Mental Health & Learning Disabilities Division in response to the well-being challenges arising as a result of COVID-19.   

If you are an employee of the Health Board you will find more information on the Employee Well-being Service Intranet page.


Looking after your own mental health and well-being

For advice, information and resources on promoting and protecting your own mental health and well-being, including bereavement and crisis support, then please visit the melo Mental Health and Well-being website.

Resources for the general public


Resources to support children, young people and families

Useful books:
A book being promoted by the World Health Organisation and available in multiple languages- My hero is you

Gwent Community Well-being Group (CWIG) Resource Packs

These resource packs include information, resources and downloadable posters on a range of topics. They have been compiled and quality assured by the Community Well-being Information Group:

Reports and Guidance on Mental Health during COVID-19